This website is provided by GST RIC as a place to find resources for teachers and schools to use to teach Digital Citizenship concepts. All of the resources here are web-based and can be used by teachers.

New and Exciting News for 2017-18!

GST BOCES Computer Services and Instructional Technology Services have collaborated to present the GST BOCES Digital Citizenship Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness of Digital Citizenship among the teachers, students, and parents of all of the GST Component school districts.


Digital Citizen News

A main part of this project will be to create and promote resources that can be used in classrooms and in homes to aid students and families in learning about various Digital Citizenship topics.

During the 2017-18 school year, GST BOCES will create and distribute a one-page monthly newsletter with information about a topic, with links, activities, and downloadable resources that can be used by parents and teachers to work with their students.

This page has links to the newsletters and their resources.

Downloadable/Printable Resource

This poster, Don't Be An Internet Troll, describes the things that Internet trolls do to annoy other Internet users. Download it, print it, hang it up at your school, and distribute it to others.
added 10-16-2017

Downloadable/Printable Resource

This poster, The Keys to Digital Citizenship, shows eight elements that students should be aware of to be good digital citizens. Download it, print it, hang it up at your school, and distribute it to others. There are two versions of this poster available.
added 10-02-2017

Downloadable/Printable Resource

This poster, How NOT to be a CYBERBULLY, has a list of positive things that students can do to make sure that they don't become a cyberbully. Download it, print it, hang it up at your school, and distribute it to others.
added 09-20-2017

Downloadable/Printable Resource

Google has partnered with to deliver the Be Internet Awesome program. This downloadable document has information about the program, links to components of the program and a fully ISTE approved Curriculum for teacher digital safety online.
added 06-09-2017

Web Resource

This interactive resource provides a series of yes/no questions to determine how distracted you are.

Web Resource

This resource provides 17 real-world scenarios that can be used for sparking discussions about Digital Citizenship topics and issues. Suitable for Middle or High School students and for Faculty or Staff.

Downloadable/Printable Resource

The ISTE Standards for Digital Citizensip - this printable handout compares the current ISTE Standards for Students, Teachers, Administrators, and Technology Coaches. Adapted from materials at

Downloadable/Printable Resource

The Digital Citizenship Pledge - a printable poster with a pledge created by GST RIC that contains many of the key ideas of Digital Citizenship. Suitable for printing and posting near your computer.

Downloadable/Printable Resource

Be Safe Online - a printable poster created for our Digital Citizenship Initiative. Print it on a color printer and posted in your classroom or in hallways of your school.

More Web Resources

These web sites provide more in-depth information about some of the nine main elements of Digital Citizenship. Click each button to visit the site.

Digital Law - Digital Security &
Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Digital Access - Digital Etiquette &
Digital Communication

Digital Literacy - Digital Wellness &
Digital Commerce

Web Resource

The Web Detective is an online resource created by GST BOCES to help students learn to evaluate the validity of web resources that they may want to use for class room assignments. Students may work alone or in teams to go through a checklist asking them to evaluate various characteristics of a web site such as its authority, currency, or coverage of a topic.

Downloadable/Printable Resource

Some Resources about Copyright and Fair Use - You can download and print these resources for classroom use.
Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers This one page chart is from Tech & Learning Magazine.
Copyright Definitions from the University of Washington
Copyright Scenarios from the University of Washington

Downloadable/Printable Resource

SafeBook Image
SafeBook - We love this poster from Fuzion Communications ( It gives good advice about how to make sure that using Facebook is a Safebook experience.

We provide it here only to make it more convenient for our digital citizens to download. It remains its original copyright protection. You can download the original file in several different languages at


This workshop introduces the participant to the elements that make up Digital Citizenship. Participants will leave with a list of resources they can use with their students in their buildings.