Hi! My name is Doug Citizen and my initials are DC just like Digital Citizenship. As you could probably guess I am not an actual person. I am a character that GST BOCES has created to share information about Digital Citizenship.

Here at GST BOCES we feel that it is important for our students, parents, and teachers to be informed about Digital Citizenship because knowledge about how to work and act in a safe, ethical way is important to our educational environment.

Every day we hear stories about how things happen in the “Cyber” world that effect people’s lives. Some of these things can be harmful for young people, families, and adults working in this online world. We believe that it is important to teach methods, strategies, and techniques for staying safe online, keeping your private information safe, and for those who will actually be working online – effective, moral, and ethical skills for working with others. This site has been created specifically to inform, educate, and start a dialogue among our users that will help them navigate the online world.


###########I_AM_A_DIGITAL_CITIZEN <—- All of our blog posts will end with this