The Teaching Digital Citizenship – InCtrl ( site from Cable Impacts provides free standards-based lessons that teach digital citizenship concepts. The lessons which are intended for grades 4 through 8 contain activities for collaborative, creative opportunities.


Each of the lessons focus on specific areas of the Digital Citizenship spectrum – “Working Together Digitally” (topic – Communication and Collaboration), “Living in a Digital World” (topic – Digital Citizenship), “Your Digital Footprint: Leaving a Mark” (topic – Privacy), “Media: Between the Lines” (topic – Media Literacy), “Stand Up… Be InCtrl!” (topic – Cyberbullying), “What’s Mine Isn’t (Necessarily) Yours” (topic – Ethics/Copyright), “In-Credibly Informed” (topic – Information Literacy).

This next image shows you the presentation of the Lesson on Communication and Collaboration. Notice that the video components are geared for both teachers/adults and students. Also, at the bottom of the page is a detailed lesson plan that can be downloaded and used by the teacher. I found the quality of the materials to be outstanding.


You can download a copy of this lesson here so that you can you can judge the quality of the lesson for yourself. Don’t forget to check out the last page and to view the connections to various learning standards.

Our Quick Summary:

The InCtrl site’s ( lesson plans are well-prepared and well-done. The videos that are posted on this site can be used as part of the lesson or can be viewed on their own to spark some interesting discussions. The materials are particularly targeted at grade levels 4 through 8 but they could also be used with high school students in some settings. We recommend taking time to view and digest the content on this site. It will inform you and inspire you to pass on this information to your students.