I would like to introduce you to a great site, The Global Digital Citizen Foundation (GDCF)https://globaldigitalcitizen.org/.

The Global Digital Citizen Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating responsible, ethical, global citizens for a digital world. They believe “learning is an exciting and inspirational journey that lasts a lifetime. Our digital students can become both life-long learners and creators of a bright future, and we believe you as teachers can help them get there. The process can, and should, be fun and exciting!”

The site offers a lot of resources that teacher can use to help foster Global Digital Citizenship in their classroom. You can download their getting started guide after a quick registration https://solutionfluency.com/en/downloadables/gdc-quickstart-skills-guide.

The featured articles section on the home page includes articles on digital citizenship as well as lots of positive teaching techniques.


The resource page has other materials that you can download like this Global Digital Citizen Teacher’s Companion.

This image shows a few other downloadable items from the resources page.