This week I was doing some reading about digital footprints. Understanding the concept of how we all leave traces of our information all over the Internet as we visit sites and participate in social media is a key for digital citizens. A digital citizen will try to protect their online reputation and to keep their online (digital) footprint as small as possible.

Have you ever tried googling yourself, or looking yourself up on one of those “people search” sites? Did you show up in your searches? What information about you was easily accessible to others?

I came across a really interesting site this week with a free, self-paced training course explaining digital footprints and how you may be able to manage your digital footprint, and control how others are trying to track you as you use online resources. The site is part of the Internet Society web site ( and is titled, Your Digital Footprint Matters (

The course has nine modules:

Module 1: What is a Digital Footprint?
Module 2: Why did we Start Leaving such Big Footprints?
Module 3: What is the Economic Bargain for Internet Users?
Module 4: Are Digital Footprints a Problem?
Module 5: Do Different Devices Make Different Digital Footprints?
Module 6: How Can I manage My Digital Footprints?
Module 7: Who Is Tracking Me and How Do They Do It?
Module 8: What Dynamics are at Work in the World of Digital Footprints?
Module 9: How Does Legislation Affect Digital Footprints?

Each module can be listened to while viewing the text that the narrator is reading. The text can also be downloaded as a PDF from each module. You can stop and start the audio as necessary.

The mission of the Internet Society is focused on four issues: Connecting the Unconnected, Building Trust in the Internet, Internet Governance, and Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS).  Some other topics that they provide resources and information about are: Community Network Development, Encryption, Human Rights, Identity, the Internet of Things (IoT), Privacy, Public Policy, Security, Technology, and Women In Technology.

To explore the other resources that the Internet Society has to offer, visit their site at

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