For the month of May, we are focusing on Digital Wellness as our main topic. As part of our research about physical and mental effects of overusing technology/Internet we came across lots of materials encouraging people to “Unplug and Play”.

We decided as part of our initiative to set aside a weekend and to encourage all of our technology users to try to unplug for at least part of a weekend. This year we chose the Memorial Day weekend because it would give you chances on three days to find a time to unplug.

The posted that accompanies our May newsletter promotes this weekend and suggests ways to unplug and opportunities for things to do during the weekend. (Download the Poster PDF) Whether you try to unplug for an hour, for a full day, or for the entire weekend the key to success is to take a look at how you use technology, how much time you spend using technology each day, and how it effects your relationships with friends and family.

As always we would love to hear your thoughts about what we are doing with Digital Citizenship. Please take a moment to send us an email () sharing your experiences with Unplugging.