Creating Memes can be a fun activity for you and for your students. This article explains memes, shows you some examples, and then tells you how you can create one and share it with us or with others.

What is a meme?

An Internet meme, commonly known as simply a meme (pronounced “MEEM”), is an activity, concept, catchphrase, or piece of media that spreads, usually for humorous purposes, from person to person via the Internet. Some memes become “viral” and spread rapidly through social sites or feeds.

A few examples of well-known types of memes.

  1. LOL Cats – these memes have been around for a long time. Think of a cute cat picture with a humorous text caption.
  2. Celebrity (Star) memes – A picture of a recognizable star possibly in a costume representing one of their characters with funny text overlaid on it.
    Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka

    Chuck Norris has many memes with statements about him. He could almost be a category by himself.
  3. Regular People in funny situations.
    This clueless boyfriend is about to get an education.

Making Memes as an activity

We would like to suggest creating a meme using information about Digital Citizenship topics and knowledge. Josh Miller, Technology Director for Elmira City Schools (, created these memes as examples of using recognizable (iconic) characters delivering tips for digital citizenship practices. He shared his creations with us and has allowed us to post them to our Instagram feed (, and to include them in this blog post. Josh also shared with us that he had a lot of fun creating the memes.

Good advice from Yoda

Does your boss/teacher act like this?

This man is so smart.

The Fellowship of the Digital Ring?

Buzz enlightens Woody.

Can you ease Captain Picard’s pain?

Here’s how you can do it:

You can use an online meme generator or one of the many apps that let you create memes. We followed Josh’s lead and used the meme generator at ImgFlip ( Once we were at the site all we had to do was select an image or upload one of our own, and then add the text to the top and bottom of the image.

There are some options that you can experiment with regarding the shape of the meme and the text colors, and you create an account if you want to save your meme online although you don’t have to (we didn’t).

Here is the finished version of our meme that we posted to our Instagram account.

This process would make a great activity to follow a discussion of a Digital Citizenship topic. Have your discussion and then demonstrate how to create the meme. Individual students or small groups can then create their own memes and share them with the class. You can have the students critique each meme and decide which one is the most clever, or the funniest, or which one best makes their point about Digital Citizenship.

Have fun with memes!