DigCitCommit is a an online global gathering of students and educators committed to redefining DigCit sponsored by a long list of partners including CommonSense Education, ISTE, Facebook Education, Google, The Digital Citizenship Institute, BrainPOP, KidCitizen, and Newsela.

The two-day event will feature: inspiring keynotes; youth leaders and educator presenters; lightning rounds on each of the DigCitCommit competencies; and spotlights of successful digcit initiatives.

View the Online Schedule here: DigCit Commit Event Schedule

The DigCit Movement defines five competencies: Inclusive – Informed – Engaged – Balanced – Alert

I am open to hearing and respectfully recognizing multiple viewpoints, and I engage with others online with respect and empathy.

I evaluate the accuracy, perspective, and validity of digital media and social posts.

I use technology and digital channels for civic engagement, to solve problems and be a force for good in both physical and virtual communities.

I make informed decisions about how to prioritize my time and activities online and off.

I am aware of my online actions, and know how to be safe and create safe spaces for others online.