Are you looking for organized, engaging, quality lessons and digital citizenship resources that are right at your fingertips? The new streamlined Digital Citizenship Curriculum by Common Sense Education, breaks down digital citizenship into 6 critical topics: Media Balance & Well-Being, Privacy & Security, Digital Footprint & Identity, Relationships & Communication, Cyberbullying, Digital Drama, & Hate Speech, and News and Media Literacy.

An image showing the six critical topics

Lesson Breakdown

Each grade level has 6 total lessons, 1 for each of the topics listed above, to be addressed throughout the year. The lesson times range from 20 minutes for younger students to an hour for older students. Detailed lesson plans can be searched by grade level and/or topic.

Included in each lesson are an essential question, key vocabulary, estimated time breakdown, lesson slides, related handouts, a quiz, and family resources to be used for at-home follow-up all organized for easy access and quick delivery in our busy teaching lives.

To illustrate, below is a 4th grade lesson on My Media Choices, in the Media Balance & Well-Being topic area, which addresses the essential question, “What makes a healthy media choice?” Further inspection shows a lesson snapshot and breakdown and everything you will need to deliver or modify the lesson.

A screen capture from a 4th Grade Media Lesson

Classroom Videos

In addition to the detailed lesson plans, there is also a library of brief videos that can be woven into your teaching to use as a standalone or discussion starters. A small sampling of available video topics includes:

  • Encourage Good Digital Citizenship,
  • Internet Traffic Light,
  • Teen Voices: The Pressure to Stay Connected,
  • Mindful Messaging,
  • Oversharing: Think Before You Post,
  • Eva’s Story-When Messages Spread

So, if you’re not sure where to start with teaching digital citizenship, whether you’re looking for detailed lessons to follow or select from in the Digital Citizenship Curriculum, incorporate digital citizenship videos in your classroom, or provide family engagement resources, head to common sense education and set up a free educator account. It’s truly a one-stop shopping for digital citizenship resources for you, your students, and your parents!


Written by Matthew Middlebrook