Digital Citizenship
Calendar Art Contest 2019-20

All students in GST BOCES Component School Districts are invited to participate for a chance to have their work published in a Digital Citizenship Calendar. Entries should feature original artwork illustrating safe use of the Internet and/or mobile devices. You can view this year's calendar at

Guidelines, Rules, and Requirements
• Only original hand-drawn or electronically created submissions will be accepted.
• This year the subject of the art should include some form of a title, statement, or slogan about Online Safety.
• Any text should be dark and large enough to be read easily.
• Submissions may be in the format of either a full-page drawing or a 4-panel comic.

Layout and Dimensions
• The art should be created in a landscape (horizontal) orientation (and easily scalable to 11" x 8.5") as the calendars will be printed and distributed in an 11" x 8.5" landscape format.

Additional Requirements
• Artwork may not contain trademarked images or brands such as Disney Characters, or company logos.
• Artwork may not have identifying information (such as the student's name or age) on the front of the poster. If there is identifying information on the back of the art it should not bleed through to the front of the poster.
• Adults may offer minimum technical support but cannot aid in the creative process.
• Inappropriate or offensive language and/or images will cause a submission to be disqualified.
• All art files must be submitted in an electronic format via email and cannot be larger than 8MB.
The art may be wholly created in a software program or it may be created on paper and scanned to a digital file.
• All entries must be received at GST BOCES by the end of the day on February 28th, 2020.

Deadline for Entries: February 28, 2020

For Full Details - Download the files below.

When the entry form is completed, the form and the electronic art file should be attached to an email message and sent to: with Calendar Art Contest in the subject line.

Important Notice: All submitted art file entries become the property of GST BOCES and may be used in the calendar or in future publications. Entries will not be returned.

Contest Entry Form

Guidelines and Entry Form