Thank You to Everyone Who Took Part in our
Unplug and Play Weekend - May 26-28th, 2018
total unplugged time for users:
The GST BOCES Digital Citizenship Initiative sponsored an "Unplug and Play" weekend during this year's Memorial Day weekend, May 26-28th, 2018.

One of the principles of being a good digital citizen is finding a balance between your online, digital life and your real life.

We encouraged all students, teachers, and families to consciously consider the amount of time that they spend each day being "plugged-in" to technology, and then consciously make the decision to totally unplug during that time. It could be an hour, a series of hours, a day or the entire weekend.

We then asked them to send us an email and tell us how long they were unplugged for, and what they did with their time. We also allowed our users to login in here and post their hours. The digital clock above shows the total hours that users were unplugged.
We summarized all of the things that people did while they were unplugged into the following list. Have fun reading it!

... played basketball ... worked all weekend
... played badminton ... played with my family and had a cook out
... rode mountain bikes ... hung with a friend at the lake
... went swimming in the lake ... went shopping at the mall with mom
... walked around Philadelphia with family
... read a book ... had a picnic with family
... played outside with a friend ... played cornhole
... went camping and sat by a campfire
... played with legos ... played cards with dad
... played KanJam and threw a frisbee ... went boating, went camping, went fishing
... went for a swim in our pool ... helped install our dock at the lake
... planted a garden with my family

For more information, you can download and print the 2 PDFs below. Teachers: Print and distribute to your colleagues and students. Make this a class project. How many total minutes can your class stay unplugged?
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