Unplug and Play Weekend - May 26-28th, 2018
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GST BOCES Digital Citizenship Initiative is sponsoring an "Unplug and Play" weekend during this year's Memorial Day weekend, May 26-28th, 2018.

One of the principles of being a good digital citizen is finding a balance between your online, digital life and your real life.

During the weekend of May 26th through May 28th, We encourage you to consciously take a moment to consider the amount of time that you spend each day being "plugged-in" to technology. Examine your reactions to being online and "connected" to others through the digital world. And then consciously make the decision to totally unplug during that time. It could be an hour, a series of hours, a day or the entire weekend.

Then complete the experience by sending us an email and telling us how long you were unplugged for, and what you did with your time. (If you want, you can enter your time and what you did in our online form using the button below.)

The button will be active on May 29th, 2018

For more information, you can download and print the 2 PDFs below. Teachers: Print and distribute to your colleagues and students. Make this a class project. How many total minutes can your class stay unplugged?
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