Data Reporting

Data Warehouse and Managed Data Services provide support to a district or school throughout the year to ensure accurate and complete data reporting to the state data warehouse (SIRS).

The Data Warehouse Service collects data from multiple sources (e.g. student systems, NYS & local assessments, HR/Finance systems, Food Services systems, Special Educations systems) into a central data warehouse for purposes of regional reporting and subsequent data collection activities required for reporting to NYSED.

The focus of the Managed Data Service is bridging data stored in the source systems and SIRS. Typical functions include helping districts understand and correct Level 0 errors, submitting Level 0 data, educating district personnel, helping districts verify data warehouse reports, and keeping the district on track with deadlines. The Managed Data Service can also help compile and assist in the submittal of data for other data collections, such as Civil Rights Data Collection, BEDS IMF, SSEC and more.